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Patents, Employees' Inventions, Trademarks, Designs, Licenses

Due to its lean organization, this law firm can offer you a wide range of intellectual property related services in a cost effective manner.

+ Patents, utility models:
translation, filing, prosecution and administration of German, European and international (PCT) applications;
semiconductor topography;
on-line status checks, continuous watch of protection rights;
searches, opinions regarding validity;
infringement opinions, co-representation in litigation;
oppositions, nullity and cancellation procedures against patents and utility models;
+ employees' inventions and suggestions for improvement:
advice, implementation of appropriate systems;
assessment of inventions and suggestions for improvement;
calculation of employees' inventions remuneration or inventor's bonus;
+ trademarks, firm and domain names:
translation of lists of goods and services;
filing, prosecution and administration of German, international and European Union trade marks;
on-line status checks, continuous watch of protection rights;
collision opinions, co-representation in litigation procedures;
+ design:
filing, prosecution and administration of German and international design registrations;
typography character protection;
+ licenses:
conducting licensing negotiations;
preparing of license agreements;
+ litigation:
co-representation before German and non-German courts;
(cross border) injunctions;
+ translations:
English -> German;
French -> German;
+ representation before the
European Patent Office (EPO)
in application, examination, opposition and appeal procedures;
European Unified Patent Court (UPC)
in infringement, injunction, revocation etc. procedures (Art. 32(1) UPCA);
German Patent and Trade Mark Office (GPTO)
in application, registration, opposition, cancellation and limitation procedures;
German Federal Patent Court
in nullity, appeal and compulsory licensing procedures;
Federal Court of Justice (FCoJ), Germany
in appeal-on-points-of-law (Revision) procedures;
EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office)
in European Union trade mark and design matters;
WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization)
of international applications.