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Renewal Fees for a Registed (European) Community Design (RCD)

protection years Office (€) Attorney (€), excluding VAT
single design / 1st design in a multiple application 2nd and each further design in a multiple application
to be renewed in a single request
6th - 10th 90 50 15
11th - 15th 120 50 15
16th - 20th 150 50 15
21st - 25th 180 50 15
Due date Last day of the month in which the date of filing occurred
Time limit for payment without surcharge -
Earliest possible payment date Payment may not be made more than 6 months before due date
Time limit for payment with surcharge Up to the end of the last day of the 6th month of due date
Surcharge office fee: 25% of due renewal fee + attorney's fee: 30 to 45 €


We do not charge an additional fee for taking over representation when renewing (European) Community designs.

There are two ways of taking over representation:

It is the policy of our office to renew (European) Community designs only which we represent and not to advance office fees for new clients.

This page should not be construed as legal advice.
No responsibility is accepted for the correctness of the official fees. The attorney's fees indicated on this page are minimum charges of the law firm Dr.-Ing. Hellmich which may be raised in urgent cases.
This page does not constitute an offer but rather "invitatio ad offerendum" (invitation to make an offer).