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Renewal fees for an British patent or part of a European patent

patent year Office (£) Attorney (€), excluding VAT
1st 0 50
2nd 0 50
3rd 0 50
4th 0 50
5th 70 50
6th 90 50
7th 110 50
8th 130 50
9th 150 50
10th 170 50
11th 190 50
12th 210 50
13th 250 50
14th 290 50
15th 350 50
16th 410 50
17th 460 50
18th 510 50
19th 560 50
20th 600 50
Due date Last day of the month in which the date of filing occurred
Time limit for payment without surcharge
  • 1st renewal fee after grant of a European patent:
    Where the date of publication in the European Patent Bulletin of the mention of grant of the European patent occurs less than 3 months before an anniversary of the date of filing, the first renewal fee due on the patent following mention of grant may be paid up to the last day of the third whole calendar month after the date of publication in the Bulletin without any additional fee being charged.
  • In other cases:
    1 months, cf. row surcharge.
Earliest possible payment date Payment may not be made more than 3 months before due date (Form 12).
Time limit for payment with surcharge 6 months of due date
Surcharge 1st month: £ 0 (Nil); from the 2nd month on £ 24 office fees for each extra month

This page should not be construed as legal advice.
No responsibility is accepted for the correctness of the official fees. The attorney's fees indicated on this page are minimum charges of the law firm Dr.-Ing. Hellmich which may be raised in urgent cases.
This page does not constitute an offer but rather "invitatio ad offerendum" (invitation to make an offer).