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International Patent Application (PCT application)


Filing date on or after January 1, 2004

Drafting the applicaton, commenting on office actions, revising documents hours hourly rate


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words of source text €/word
* =

filing the application
transmittal fee T
assuming repesentation
international search fee S
international fee
international filing fee (first 30 sheats) b1
request form
number of sheets in excess of 30
additional fee for sheets in excess of 30 (12.00 € @ sheet) b2
total basic filing fee (b1+b2) B
fee reduction
electronic filing
character coded
total international fee (B+R) I
claimed priorities, number:
priority documents of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office, number:
priority documents of the European Patent Office, number:
Declarations pursuant Rule 4.17 and 51bis.1(a) PCT
late filing of documents, sending of written oppinions and reports times
request on international preliminary examination
international examination fee
handling fee
value added tax

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Documents and Information

We require the following documents and information for filing:

  1. up-to-date name and address of applicant
  2. description, claims, drawings and abstract of the disclosure
  3. name and up-to-date address of each inventor
  4. declaration of priority including date, country and application number, if any
  5. certified copy of the priority application, if any

General Remarks

We may only represent applicants who are citizen of a member state of the European Patent Convention (EPC) or having its residence or place of business in a member state of the EPC.

For obtaining one or more patents on an international patent application (PCT application) it is necessary to enter into a national, e.g. German, or regional, e.g. European, phase before the expiry of a 30 months time limit of the earliest priority date (PCT, Art. 22(1)). For Luxembourg the old time limit of 20 months of the earliest priority date and for Tanzania and Uganda an old time limit of 21 months of the earliest priority date is applicable (status of Nov. 5, 2014). Some states have fixed longer time limits. For a European phase there a 31 months time limit of the earliest priority date.

Costs, required documents and information for entering into a German phase and an European phase can also be obtained on this homepage.

In case you want to speed up the proceeding for one or more states, you may want to enter into the national and / or regional phase(s) long before the expiration of the 30 months time limit and request immediate processing to PCT, Art. 23(2) or 40(2) of the national and / or regional phase(s).

This page should not be construed as legal advice.
No responsibility is accepted for the correctness of the official fees. The attorney's fees indicated on this page are minimum charges of the law firm Dr.-Ing. Hellmich which may be raised in urgent or difficult cases.
This page does not constitute an offer but rather "invitatio ad offerendum" (invitation to make an offer).